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We feel that AoH benefits from the shared knowledge of its player base. You can come in and browse guides or articles and if you feel something is missing or wrong… fix it yourself! This way you get the most up to date information all in one place without having to worry whether or not the webmaster is on vacation that week. Just be sure to sign up to be able to edit pages. We welcome everyone to be a part of the site. That's what makes it such a great resource and we appreciate everyone who contributes as I am sure you appreciate them as well.

* News and Calendar - Find out what's happening.

* Events - Characters and Event Reports.

* Geography - Maps and Information.

* Guilds and Organizations - Class and Player Organizations.

* Shopping - Huge Searchable Store Database.

* Pawning and Selling - Item and Gem Buy Back Prices.

* Recreation - Everything from Gambling to Kites.

* Reference - Find Out What All That Stuff Is.

* Religion - Information About the Gods.

* Skills - Skill Lists and Class Guides.

* Verbs - Huge Searchable Verb Database.

* Bestiary - Find Out Where Those Critters Are Hiding.

* Gallery - Pictures and Artwork Related to AoH.

* Logs - Events and Entertaining Happenings.

* Links - Links to Other Sites.

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The information contributed to this wiki should really stay here. It is a community effort and anything taken from other sites has been done so with permission. If you find anything on these pages that has been used without permission, please let us know. Plagiarism FROM this wiki will not be tolerated. It is paid for monthly at a cost to the admins and a lot of people put a lot of effort into updating it, so please do not disrespect that. This is not us being 'selfish', it is out of a desire to respect what effort individuals do. The admins do not think it fair to say 'feel free to take from the wiki' when we have opened it up for everyone to edit. Do feel more than welcome to link to this wiki to share the information though!

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