1001 Spirit Strike

Spirit Strike

Spell Number- 1001

Description of spell- The greatest power of mortals is their spirit. The ritual of Spirit Strike calls forth your very essence to unleash a flood of energy with which to STRIKE your foe.

Equipment- none

Steps- Perform 1001.
Cast on self

Note: The first of several Strike Spells. The single most important spell for a new priest. Cast this on yourself, set it to your current strike spell by typing STRIKE SET 1001 then STRIKE (enemy) to fry them with holy energy. This spell is all a new priest will need to hunt, and a single cast will last you just about long enough to fill your head. Beware though, as each STRIKE will add more impudence, and eventually the gods will make their displeasure known by first stealing your spell before it hits the enemy, and then knocking you upside the head with the angry fist of the gods. For more STRIKE commands and variations see the STRIKE verb in game.

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