1006 Petitioner S Gift

Petitioner's Gift

Spell Number- 1006

Description of spell- The gifts of humble prayer are not always overlooked by the gods in Olympus. The ritual of Petitioner's Gift rewards the supplicant with the power to heal himself at an increased rate.

Equipment- An item of moderate value. (moderate value means about 5 dinars or more. Buying cheap weapons or clothing, or using things like platters, pipes, or other sellable items found hunting also works.)

Steps- Perform 1006.
Offer anything of moderate value to your deity.

Tip: This spell will make you Regain a little bit of health each time you feel the effect of the spell. It will last for a little while, pulsing periodically to heal you. In essence, its like a honey-ginseng elixir. Just, you know, all magicky. It can be cast on other players, but the effects are diminished compared to the self cast version.

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