1011 Spirit Lift

Spirit Lift

Spell Number- 1011

Description of spell- Trust not the ground beneath your feet, for it may choose to leave you when you least expect it. The ritual of Spirit Lift grants you the power to cause a foe to temporarily lift away from the ground and be thrown back by spiritual forces.

Equipment- A fair sized rock or stone. (small stones can be foraged just about anywhere outside.)

Steps- Perform 1011.
Bless a fair sized rock or stone.
Raise the blessed stone into the air.
Cast on self.

Note: Once cast on yourself, this spell acts like a strike spell, only the command is LIFT (enemy). You can use the LIFT verb offensively for the duration of this spell. It will last about as long as a strike spell, and do damage to your foe by picking them up, and dropping them. this will result in them being removed from melee range, if engaged to you, as well as sometimes hurling them out of the room.

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