1014 Mantle Of Righteousness

Mantle of Righteousness

Spell Number- 1014

Description of spell- When a righteous man stands to defend his honor while donning robes of purity, not only does he know he is right, but others know it as well. The ritual of Mantle of Righteousness calls forth the power of godly spirit which cloaks the caster with such utter confidence that his defensive skills increase for a time.

Equipment- A blessed cloak, cape, or mantle. **NOTE: You will loose this item permanently. (can be purchased at Epheseus' Fine Outerwear for 10 dinar)

Steps- Perform 1014.
Offer a blessed cloak, cape, or mantle to your deity.
Cast on self or target player.

Tip: The second, and arguably most important defensive spell. This will create a glowing mantle that works like armor. However, it dosen't weigh anything, wont encumber you, and does not require any training in armor to be effective. It can be cast on yourself, or other players. But make sure that you first remove any capes, cloaks, or other such items first. After you cast it, you may then wear your original cape or cloak. This spell will last a long time. An experienced priest will get several hours out of this. It will absorb a goodly amount of damage. Really, I can't say how good this spell is. For a pure priest, its essential. It is highly recommended skiping Mental and Alteration spells, at the very least, until you've gone down the Spiritual path to this.

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