1019 Hand Of Prometheus

Hand of Prometheus

Spell Number- 1019

Description of spell- It is the noble hand of the Titan Prometheus that has gotten man where he is today. Just hope that he doesn't allow Epimetheus to handle the effects of this casting or things might get ugly! The ritual of Hand of Prometheus mixes the health of the caster and the target, distributing the total evenly between the two.

Equipment- A candle.

Steps- Perform 1019.
Light a candle.
Bless the lit candle.
Offer the blessed candle to your deity.
Cast on enemy.

Tip: Because of the way this spell works, you'll want to be deathly injured when you cast it, on a target who is in good health. That will give you the most healing, and the deal the most damage to your enemy. Also, if your hunting spartan spearmen, or other level-morphing critters, occasionally it will do more damage than healing to you, due to the critters having a lower health, if your fighting with lower level characters with you.

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