1020 Acolyte's Answering

Acolyte's Answering

Spell Number- 1020

Description of spell- A priest of such noble power surely has quite a following of his own. The ritual of Acolyte's Answering calls forth an assistant of your race and places them under your service.

Equipment- A prepared and charged holy relic. (It dosen't have to be full. Just cast mystic weave, and then any spell on it. It only needs one charge.)

Steps- Perform 1020.
Offer a prepared and charged holy relic to your deity.

Tip: This minion works just like all the rest, it even uses claws and teeth….despite being the same race as the caster. The nifty thing about him, though, is that you can make him speak with TELL ACOLYTE SAY (message). It has potential in RP situations, at the very least. See the Magical Minions section for more info.

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