1021 Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire

Spell Number- 1021

Description of spell- "From the ashes of fire it grew once again, reborn." Unlike the Phoenix, your prey won't be getting back up once you've burned 'em to a crisp!

Equipment- A red candle.

Steps- Perform 1021.
Light a red candle
Cast on self.

Tip: Another strike spell, but now we are getting interesting. This is the most damaging of the Strike Spells to use on the majority of normal enemies, except for the undead. It also can inflict a burn, making the target take additional damage every time it pulses. If you really don't like someone in the arena, hit them with this when they are getting ready to collapse, and if your lucky, the burn will follow them to the healers, and send them to the underworld before they can recover.

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