1022 Spirit Shield

Spirit Shield

Spell Number- 1022

Description of spell- "… and as they destroyed his body, they failed to recognize the power of his spirit" — The ritual of Spirit Shield will work to protect both your mind and body within combat.

Equipment- None

Steps- Perform 1022.
Meditate while injured.
Run your fingers through your hair. (Touch self hair)
Make a blessing and look up towards Olympus.(bless self)
Cast on self or target player.

Tip: The third spell, of the most potent defensive trio any priest will ever need. This one absorbs damage, too. But unlike mantle of righteousness, it dosen't show you how much. Ever time your hit, it will show you messaging before the damage is calculated, reducing what you would have suffered. This spell can and -should- be used with mantle of righteousness. This way, when you are hit, first a portion of damage is absorbed by the mantle, then the remaining damage is reduced by the shield. Add will of devotion, and with those three spells working together, you'll make even a steel plate wearing warrior admire your defenses.

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