1023 Piety's Prayer

Piety's Prayer

Spell Number- 1023

Description of spell- When all else has failed and your life - like your power - is waning, focusing your spirit in a plea to the Gods may aid you. The Ritual of Piety's Prayer will attract your deity's attention and they may choose to save you - should your peril be great enough.

Equipment- None

Steps- Perform 1023.
Bow in a holy place.
Make a blessing and look up to Olympus. (bless self)
Cast on prepared talisman. (see Talisman creation in common spells)

Tip: Now that you've prepared your gem by turning it into a talisman, your ready to charge it. this will drain all of your magic into it, and you will be unable to use any spells for a few minutes, until the effect wears off. Now that it is completed, however, you wear the talisman. when your health bar is in the red, RUB TALISMAN will teleport you to the temple of light. There is no other way to get in, or get out. You will stay there, until you reach full health, so elixir, bandages, magic, or patience will be needed to expedite your trip. When you are fully healed, your teleported back to the room you used the talisman from, however as a price, a good portion of your head will be emptied. so you'll have to continue your hunt. But it is much better than a trip to hades, loosing all of your un-absorbed experience, and then suffering the health-draining effects until they wear off. This talisman can be worn by anyone, not just the creator, and it takes no magic skill to use. It comes with 20 charges, and when empty casting this spell again will recharge it.

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