1024 Balefire


Spell Number- 1024

Description of spell- When fighting the cursed some strikes are not quite enough. The ritual of Balefire grants a divine-powered strike that's particularly useful against the undead.

Equipment- A white candle.

Steps- Perform 1024.
Light a white candle.
Cast on self.

Tip: This spell is the last of the Strike Spells, and its just as strong as spirit fire when used on the majority of enemies, but without the burn. BUT, when used against the undead, this spell becomes the most powerful direct damage spell there is. Not only that, but you can affect your target with a burn from holy damage, just like the spirit fire burn with fire damage. For a new priest, it will generate a lot of impudence, so see the section of Impudence for more info on how to mitigate this.

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