2001 Acts Of Faith

Acts of Faith

Spell Number- 2001

Description of spell- May faith in the gods bring quiet to your mind and peace to your heart. The ritual of Acts of Faith brings you the ability to direct the power of your faith upon another, causing a more peaceful demeanor within their being and thus becoming much less likely to take hostile actions against others.

Equipment- None

Steps- Perform 2001.
Cast on enemy.

Tip: This spell has a myriad of uses, for instance as a way to immediately stop a critter from pounding on the low level character your escorting through a dangerous hunting ground, or to pacify that instanly tough general in the invasion, while you get rid of all his soldiers first. It also works great when for unexplained reasons the local citizens get violent on the first innocent, usually oblivious person they come across, i.e. You. Just cast this, and force a lesson in pacifism 101 as well as some mandatory anger management counceling right down the throats of your unsuspecting foe. For the duration of this spell, the enemy will be unable to take any violent action. The spell can be removed if they are attacked first, however.

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