2002 Events

February 10 - I'm not sure how it happened, but Athenians apparently stumbled into a new area in the last couple weeks. A valley of madness can be found southish of Anavyssos and down a trail. There is also a village to be found there too, and within the valley is a temple to Grigoros. Be careful, though, for the rope to get out of the valley is hard to climb and the mist of the valley inspires all sorts of madness to be placed on a person. The Marsh is also filled with things that want to kill you. (Surprise. Surprise.)

An alchemist named Deasher was working on a cure for the mist madness, (Which has a name that's something like The Madness of Nossosis, but I can't quite remember it.) but her cures didn't work and she was trapped in the valley. A few Athenians managed to use her cauldron and find a cure, so Deasher has now been saved.

Korosticus is another one to watch out for. He, like Dissonos, is a 'part' of Grigoros. The mechanics behind it is too difficult to explain and I'm not sure even Grigoros understands it. (Maybe THAT'S what drove Grigoros mad…) He is apparently on our side, but who knows how much we can trust someone under Grigie's influence.

February 3 - It is rumored that Grigoros may be dead, But Dissonos is aliv..er…undead and well. He looks just like Grigoros and appears and disappears in much the same way as Grigoros did. Is Grigoros truly dead? Is Dissonos possessed or completely lost? Who knows? This Tuesday, Febuary 5th, all enemies of Grigoros are welcome to come to the Sweet Oblivi Tavern at 8 p.m. eastern to discuss what can be done.

March 14 - Korosticus arrived after an invasion of various minions belonging to Grigoros. He informed us that we had five days to prepare, then we had to go to try to stop Grigoros. (That Makes it this Saturday, folks. March 16th for those of you who don't feel like getting a calendar out.) It will start late afternoon to early evening, from what Korosticus said, but you may want to be here plenty in advance just in case!

March 2 - First, let me catch all of you up who haven't been at the gate the last few days to hear someone ranting about 'What the altar says.' There is a shrine in the town of Apeilos (Which recently opened when the valley of Grigoros did.) It was a shrine to Demeter, but it is now a shrine to Grigoros. On The altar, there are markings that only certain people can read. We believe it has something to do with loreish qualities, but who knows? Each day, more letters would appear as it came closer to Grigoros waking up. After much consideration, we pieced together letters and figured out what it said. As of last night, where we learned we were correct, this is what we figured it said:

Between twin gleams,
an offering,
a bauble fit for a king,
and a gift,
a sweet warm gift,
A gift of life to drink,
The key to bliss,
Is in a kiss,
And bliss it to be mine.

So… Why the posting of the shrine message now? Well, there's a very good reason. As I said, we solved it…and got a black crystal shard that we had to carve into a key. It was about 12:30 EST by the time we finished waiting for others to join us and to head out to Grigoros's temple. Once in, We wandered around like a bunch of headless chickens for a good while until we found a basin that was surrounded by bottles of different colors outside an arch. Well, we soon found similar basins and colors outside of three other arches.

There was an obsidian arch, a gold arch, a silver arch, and a bronze arch. After playing around with the oils, we realized that one arch was different then the rest. Its bottle colors were in a different order, and something different happened when we tried to enter that arch.

It was now about 2:30 (I'm giving you hours so you can tell how long it took us.) Now, it became apparent to us that we needed to imitate lab rats and run around blindly there, too. Okay, not really, we just did it anyway. After a secret alcove was found, (and the serpentine shadow within), we stumbled across Dissonos lying around. Dissonos, in his normal cheerful self (Sarcasm),informed us that we needed to find darkness. So, We did. We found an altar that let us descend into darkness and…end up back at Apeilos. Dissonos then told us that he and Korosticus would have to stir Grigoros again and disappeared while the Athenians decided to go on the march back to the temple. We get there, where we try to follow an inscription that reads, 'feed the twins'. That's right folks, there are two serpentine shadows. And what do they eat? Right again! Us.

So, we feed them, most of us getting quite injured in doing so. Then Dissonos tells us we're trying his patience and to go to the altar. (Note: This is about 3:40 or so.) We get to the altar… enter it…and we end up in Grigoros. Apparently this guy has a whole land roaming inside that head of his. Koro and Dissonos tell us we have one chance, and if we fail then we don't get to try again for quite some time. To make a long story short (too late), We all died and thus we failed. The attempt ended around 5:10. So, looks like we'll be trying again at a later date, and hopefully there will be some warning so I can let you guys know about it!

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