2005 Babylon's Golden Rule

Babylon's Golden Rule

Spell Number- 2005

Description of spell- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And if they do unto you in a way you don't like, force them to do it upon themselves. The ritual of Babylon's Golden Rule causes the target to attack itself.

Equipment An edible fish or sardine (Can be purchased from Stand of Kastorr in Piraeus)

Steps- Perform 2005.
Offer an edible fish or sardine to your deity.
Cast on enemy.

Tip: This spell will only work on enemies who use weapons. Animals and anything fighting unarmed will be unaffected. This spell does somewhat poor damage, due to the fact that it takes the weapon being used to determine the effect. Most critter weapons are damaged, and weak. This spell becomes more interesting in the arena, as most players will eventually wield some type of particularly nasty weapon.

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