2007 Tears Of Joy

Tears of Joy

Spell Number- 2007

Description of spell- What power hath joy to cause such emotional whiplash? The ritual of Tears of Joy grants you the ability of cause such joy in a foe that they break out into tears.

Equipment- A blue candle and a white candle.

Steps- Perform 2007.
Light a blue candle.
Light a white candle.
Cast on enemy.

Tip: A very nasty spells when it comes to debilitating an enemy. It causes no damage by itself, but will make your foe weep periodically. Each time the enemy sheds tears, they will gain some roundtime, making their attacks and actions take longer to perform. This spell is also one of the better tricks to use in the Arena, due to its persistent effect. It is also surprisingly long lasting, if the priest is powerful enough.

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