2008 Thought Vision

Thought Vision

Spell Number- 2008

Description of spell- With mind and body split, how does one define here or there? The ritual of Thought Vision allows the caster to catch a fleeting glimpse of a remembered location, or person who is elsewhere.

Equipment- A healthy carrot. (Can be foraged outside the Peiraic Gate, to the west.)

Steps- Perform 2008.
Offer a healthy carrot to your deity.
Gaze at your surroundings while hidden.
Cast on self.

Tip: The infamous location spell, cast it on yourself, then THINK ABOUT (player) to get a glimpse of the room they are in. You can also use the REMEMBER verb to bookmark specific locations, that you can peek in on while the spell is in effect. Just THINK ABOUT (location). Keep in mind, this is not a subtle spell, and casting it will make anyone in the room your looking at feel a brief moment of paranoia, as if being watched. There are ways to block this spell from taking affect, however. You cannot locate a player in a locked room, or in a home if the owner has enabled privacy from spells. There are also some places protected from the use of this spell. But I don't know where they are, because the spell didn't work. Also, there are auction items that have been known to make a person un-locatable for as long as they are worn.


With a simple thought, your mind's eye leaps across meaningless distances…
[Peiraic Gate, Athens]
The impressive Peiraic Gate rises in an arch over the road leading into Athens. In a niche near the top of the arch is a statue of an owl, its wings spread in flight, welcoming travelers to the city. You also see the Peiraic Gate, the western gate to the city of Athens.
Also here: Bobicles.
Obvious paths: north, west.
…skipping back just as quickly.

Anyone in the room will see:
A spike of adrenaline runs through your veins as a touch of paranoia gives you the desire to look over your shoulder.

If the person is protected from being located by one of the methods above, you will see:
You cannot locate "Bobicles's" thoughts, preventing you from focusing your mind's eye on a location.

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