2009 Eye of the Hummingbird

Eye of the Hummingbird

Spell Number- 2009

Description of spell- Precision of motion can only be acquired with speed of mind. The ritual of Eye of the Hummingbird speeds up the target's thoughts to process visual stimuli more quickly, thereby granting him or her greater coordination.

Equipment- A hummingbird's feather. (Can be foraged at the palace gardens, in Athens Central)

Steps- Perform 2009.
Blessing a hummingbird's feather.
Wave that feather around.
Offer the feather to your deity.

Tip: This spell works like Touch of Might, but instead of strength it will increase your coordination. Having both activated at the same time will make physical means of combat more effective. A useful combination is to use both spells while using Stone Fists, or Harpy's Claws to maximise the effect.

The world seems to slow down around you so that even a hummingbird's wing can be seen flapping, and you notice that your motions are much more precise as a result.

Coordination: Superb (575) [Max: 575]
Modified: Unbelievable (850)

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