2010 Thought Punch

Thought Punch

Spell Number- 2010

Description of spell- Why bother your hands with a task your mind can do on its own? The ritual of Thought Punch creates an illusion which you can direct upon a foe, making them feel a physical strike that can inflict real damage and often times causing them to lose their balance.

Equipment- A sloth bear claw. (Dissected from Sloth bears, on North Attica Road)

Steps- Perform 2010.
Offer a sloth bear claw to your god.
Cast on self.

Tip: This spell works just like the Strike Spells and Spirit Lift. You cast it on yourself, then make use of the command THINK PUNCH (enemy) for as long as the spell remains in effect. This not only inflicts damage and may take an enemy off balance, but it will throw them out of melee range too, making it particularly useful to increase your own survivability. This spell requires intense mental concentration, so in order for it to work, you must turn CHAT OFF, freeing your mind from the babbling of the general populace. When your done using it and wish to turn the thought net back on, just use CHAT ON.

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