2011 Concept Overload

Concept Overload

Spell Number- 2011

Description of spell- She's taken all she can captain, she cannae take much more! The ritual of Concept Overload causes the target's mind to be so totally consumed by thoughts and ideas that it simply refuses to take any more, causing the target to just stand there slackjawed.

Equipment- None

Steps- Perform 2011.
Chant a profound poem about your deity, life, and yourself.

  • NOTE: Poem must be at least 3 lines long, have a total of 9 or more words, and mention your deity and yourself by name.

For instance:
:I am Bob:
:Bob follow Zeus:
:Mind go boom:

Tip: This spell is amazing to counter swarms, and large invasions, if your backed up by a group. If you pair it with (2018) Power Prayer Session, it becomes doubly so. Cast it, and all enemies in the room will be stunned for a short time, and if you use 2018 as well, then they will be stunned AND kneeling. Alternate both spells when they wear off, to keep a whole room locked down, while your allies make short work of the foes.

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