2013 Owl's Wisdom

Owl's Wisdom

Spell Number- 2013

Description of spell- To think of thoughts heretofore unthunk … who woulda thought it? The ritual of Owl's Wisdom calls upon the gods to increase your innate intellectual abilities for a short time.

Equipment- An owl's feather. (Forageable outside the Peiraic Gate, to the west)

Steps- Perform 2013.
Raise an owl's feather.
Bless that feather.
Offer the feather to your deity.

Tip: This spell will increase your intelligence for a time. That's all. I've got nothing.

Previously unconsidered ideas and solutions suddenly spring to mind, filling you with an enhanced level of clarity and and insight.

Intelligence: Above Average (300) [Max: 575]
Modified: Exceptional (400)

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