2014 Athena's Blessing

Athena's Blessing

Spell Number- 2014

Description of spell- May Athena's blessing fall upon those you wish to heal. The ritual of Athena's Blessing brings the Goddess' power of healing to bear, sacrificing your health for that of another mortal's.

Equipment- An owl's feather. (Forageable outside the Peiraic Gate, to the west.)

Steps- Perform 2014.
Bless an unblessed owl feather while injured.
Offer the blessed owl feather.
Cast on other player.

Tip: Very useful for immediately healing another player, especially if they are lower in level than yourself. When cast, it will take a chunk of your health, and give it to the target player. A player much lower in level than yourself will only take a small chunk to bring them to full health, and likely only a single cast. However, a player higher in level might require several casts and most of your health to even heal them a tiny bit. Keep in mind, this spell CAN kill you, so only use it when you are not grievously injured yourself, unless you fancy becoming a martyr. A very useful way to replenish the health you will be losing, is to cast (2021) Thought Healing on yourself, since that spell is infinitely more effective at restoring your own health, than it is if cast on another.

Searing agony rips through you as your lifeforce drains into Bobicles through a silvery cord of light.
Roundtime: 5 seconds.

Your target, in this case Bobicles, would see:
An intense prickling sensation runs down your spine as Jostinian's lifeforce drains into you through a silvery cord of light.

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