2015 Hurling Id

The Hurling Id

Spell Number- 2015

Description of spell- Sometimes what can't be reached and grasped by the hand may be touched by the mind. The ritual of The Hurling Id allows an object to be thrown at a target through the powers of telekinesis.

Equipment- None

Steps- Perform 2015.

Perform at least four of the following acts -
Babble at yourself.
Cross your eyes.
Cackle at yourself.
Twirl your finger in a circle at the side of your head.
Twitch your eye.
Snicker to yourself.
Cast on enemy.

Tip: When cast on an enemy, this spell will pick up any weapons, shields, or armor that is lieing on the ground, and hurl it at your target causing damage. Up to 5 items are able to be hurled, and the more items thrown, the better the effect. Instead of carrying around a bunch of weapons to drop on the ground before you use it, try this spell when hunting in the same spot, or during swarms. Kill a few, then turn all the junk gear they leave behind into deadly projectiles against those still living.

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