2016 Blinking Visage

Blinking Visage

Spell Number- 2016

Description of spell- "There's more than one way to skin a cat," so the saying goes. There is also more than one way to hide one's self as well, if one but knows. The ritual of Blinking Visage causes the target's form to rapidly fade in and out of visibility.

Equipment- A white candle.

Steps- Perform 2016.
Light a white candle.
Snuff a white candle.
Light a white candle.
Cast on self.

Tip: This spell has the potential to increase your survivability on a hunt, as each time you turn invisible, you will require the enemy to advance to melee range once again. It lasts a long time, however, and if you come back from a hunt with it still in effect, expect to annoy the entire room with constant screen scroll until its over.

You disappear into thin air!
You realize you are now very visible to the world.

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