2017 Kiss Of Morpheus

Kiss of Morpheus

Spell Number- 2017

Description of spell- All living things need sleep — sometimes you just want to help the process along. The ritual of Kiss of Morpheus puts a living being to sleep and tries to keep it that way.

Equipment- Some unblessed, white sand. (Can be foraged at [Poseidon's Point, Beach Path] all the way at the end of the boardwalk)

Steps- Perform 2017.
Bless some unblessed, white sand.
Offer some blessed, white sand to your deity.
Cast on enemy.

Tip: This spell is one of the better ones at incapacitating an enemy. First, it put them to sleep, letting you get a free shot that bypasses the Block/Parry/Dodge system. Then, a short time after they are awoken by your attack, it will cause the victim to fall asleep again, for the duration of the spell. Its the same as if you afflicted them with sleep poison. Free hits, and being unable to fight back while asleep? What's not to love!

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