2018 Power Prayer Session

Power Prayer Session

Spell Number- 2018

Description of spell- … and the priest called the congregation for prayer and as one they settled to the ground, heads bowed. The ritual of Power Prayer Session causes targets in the room to sit down for a short time.

Equipment- Any holy relic

Steps- Perform 2018.
Offer any holy relic to your deity.

Tip: Not enough followers of your Deity around? Then create some unwillingly with this great disabling spell. One cast will try to force every enemy in the room to kneel down and worship your god for a short time. It's amazing for swarms and invasions when your backed up by a group. Best of all, if you have this spell you already have (2011) Concept Overload, and when used in tandem, not only will your hapless foes be kneeling down, but unable to get up from the stun. Keep both spells in effect, and watch as your allies mop up in relative safety. Oh, and the godless heathens among us can get a great ego boost, watching the masses bow down to yours truly.

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