2019 Hypnos' Curse

Hypnos' Curse

Spell Number- 2019

Description of spell- While Hypnos may rule the realm of sleep sometimes his domain may be thwarted for a short duration. The ritual of Hypnos' curse will help keep you awake in those trialing times!

Equipment- Some unblessed, white sand. (Foregable at [Poseidon's Point, Beach Path] all the way at the end of the boardwalk.)

Steps- Perform 2019.
Bless some unblessed, white sand.
Offer some blessed, white sand to your deity.
Cast on self or target player.

Tip: Tired of getting drooled on? Can't stand that constant snoring? Then cast this at a sleeping player to put an end to their slumper. This works on mundane, magically influenced sleep, and sleep poison. While your out of luck if you go to sleep normally, this can be used in the brief moments that you wake up while affected by magic sleep, or poison, to end the effect, but you have to be quick before you drop once again.

Jostinian's eyes suddenly spring wide open as he begins to gaze eagerly around, looking like he's ready to leap out of his skin!

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