2020 Psychic Shock

Psychic Shock

Spell Number- 2020

Description of spell- A mental jolt to the nervous system can be just the thing to whip those stubborn enemies into line. The ritual of Psychic Shock causes direct mental damage to the target.

Equipment- None

Steps- Perform 2020.
Cut yourself and scream.
Let terror strike your heart and panic.
Cast on self.

Tip: If looks could kill, then you wouldn't need this spell, but they can't. Until now! Cast on yourself, then THINK SHOCK (target). You will stare at your enemy, while they stumble and convulse in pain. They can even be so affected as to fall down, and be stunned. However, sometimes you might get carried away, and -both- of you will be be lieing on ground stunned. This spell is fairly damaging, and bypasses armor, as well as all other defenses, since the pain is all in their head. It can be used while Thought Punch is in effect, but like thought punch, you must turn CHAT OFF in order to use it. Don't forget to turn CHAT ON when your done, unless you would rather not have to listen to the babbling of the general populace.

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