2021 Thought Healing

Thought Healing *needs spell link, and confirm item value*

Spell Number- 2021

Description of spell- The mind is a powerful thing, and a clever person can use it to their advantage. The ritual of Thought Healing will increase the rate of which your body heals, useful for when meeting Hades
himself looks imminent.

Equipment- An item of high value and a handmade bandage. (High value means anything appraised at more than 3 dinars. Buying something for about 10 dinars works well. So does items you get hunting, like platters, pipes, boots, belts, that sort of thing. To make a bandage, buy a cheap item of clothing, or a container like a sack, knapsack, or backpack. Then RIP the item into tatters.)

Steps- Perform 2021.
Offer an item of high value.
Offer a handmade bandage.

Tip: An incredibly potent spell when cast on yourself. Immediately you will gain a goodly portion of health, and for a long while after you will periodically regain health every time it pulses, for the duration of the spell. It can be used on other players, but currently a bug uses -their- magic skill, instead of the casters, to calculate the effect, rendering it largely impotent. But hey, you already know Athena's Blessing if you've got this far, and you'll be regenerating health so fast you can probably spare some to heal others.

You close your eyes and concentrate on the world around you. A slow buzzing sound grows in your ears, and when you open your eyes your hands are glowing a harsh white color.
As you run your glowing hands over your body, the wounds, cuts, scrapes and bruises seem to heal, leaving you with an invigorated feeling.

When it pulses, you will see:
Your mind seems to buzz slightly, leaving your body with an envigorated feeling.

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