A Fishy Situation

A Fishy Situation
All fish sold as raw! Please have this cooked before eating. You do not want food poisoning… it is NOT fun and we shall NOT be held responsible!
On top of the bed of ice you see a red snapper fillet (9 dinars), a slender barracouta fillet (27 dinars), a fresh striped bass fillet (17 dinars), a delicate dogfish fillet (10 dinars), a bigeye thresher shark steak (25 dinars), a silverside sand smelt fillet (14 dinars), a fresh red mullet fillet (12 dinars), a fresh swordfish steak (20 dinars) and a northern bluefin tuna steak (20 dinars).

On top of the bed of ice you see a spotted silver sauger (15 dinars), a fresh white grouper (8 dinars), a blue chub mackerel (8 dinars), a pearly rose-colored razorfish (16 dinars), a fresh silver seabream (12 dinars), a fresh Mediterranean seabass (15 dinars), a Mediterranean rainbow wrasse (13 dinars), a handful of fresh shrimp (10 dinars), a whole fresh squid (15 dinars) and a handful of fresh sardines (8 dinars).

*note* What you buy here can be taken outside to Tonos and cooked in a variety of ways.
(Outside A Fishy Situation)
For only three dinars Tonos will prepare your fresh seafood to your taste! Just ask him about his specialties: broiled, grilled, sweethot, breaded, spicy fried, barbecued, rice pilaf or blackened!
Simply ASK TONOS ABOUT then give Tonos the seafood.

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