A Home Away From Hold

[A Home Away From Hold]
Brightly blazing brass braziers stand in each corner of the room, sharply illuminating the rough knots and splinters in the driftwood walls and floors. Coursely cut curtains made from abandoned sails hang on one wall, keeping out any natural light. A low driftwood counter runs along the other wall, a large nautical map hanging behind it. You also see Captain Merv.

#     Price Item
1.      335 a brass-banded driftwood wall
2.       40 a long splintery plank table
3.       90 a spoked wheel table
4.      140 a wide fishnet hammock
5.      125 a faded nautical map
6.       65 a polished brass sextant
7.       72 a roughly woven hemp throw rug
8.       65 a threadbare sailcloth throw rug
9.      315 a round brass window
10.     265 a splintery plank-framed window
11.     135 a narrow sailcloth cot
12.     265 a three-legged brass brazier
13.     325 a splintery plank wall
14.     291 a brass-banded driftwood floor
15.     280 a splintery plank floor
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