A Large Calligraphic Sign
           ^~%.  The Priests of Rome Welcome You  .%~^
                   To The Flamen's Fiery Foyer
 } All of our appliances are designed to provide quality methods {
 } for heating your personal abode.  From simple firepits to     {
 } elaborate fireplaces, you can be assured that our products    {
 } will be right for you.                                        {

 } All of our heat sources require fuel to operate.  We are not  {
 } in the business of selling that fuel, only the devices        {
 } themselves.  You may safely STOCK dried peat, logs, charcoal, {
 } branches, and most other forms of wood, and expect to be able {
 } to LIGHT the device after you STACK it with fuel.             {

 } The installation of our appliances is always done in a proper {
 } fashion, which ensures that your home has enough room indoors {
 } to keep a small stockpile of fuel away from the elements.     {
 } Simply LOOK BEHIND the appliance to see how much you have     {
 } squirreled away.                                              {

 } All of our burning devices come equipped with instruments for {
 } the cleaning and caring of your appliance.  The tools come as {
 } part of a package, and cannot be mixed and matched with tools {
 } from other packages.  The price of our products already       {
 } reflect the inclusion of this additional merchandise.         {

 } As with any modern device, you will need to maintain the      {
 } condition of your purchase after it has been used.  We cannot {
 } be responsible for its failure to work properly if you do not {
 } care for its well being.                                      {

 } You should CLEAN your heat source regularly. This will clear  {
 } away old ashes and coals and allow the fire to burn with      {
 } greater effeciency.  If you STOKE a fire as it burns, you     {
 } will again find that your fuel lasts longer than if had not.  {

 } We hope you enjoy your new purchase!  May it warm your home   {
 } and your heart as well.  Good fortunes to you!                {
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