A Mysterious Tablet

It began when Jostinian bid on a mysterious tablet for the 2012 Auction. When looked at, this is what was seen.

   (\   .-.   .-.   .-.   /_")
       `"`   `"`   `"`   `"`
           // e e \\ 
          ("   >   ")   

     / |\/| / |> <> |\/ /_
     \ |  | \ |\ /\ |/\  /

A bit hard to see here, but clear in the game and notepad, the bottom make up runes. Specifically, Kennaz, Ehwaz, Kennaz, Raido, Othala, Perth, Sowilo. When you take just the first letter of these runes you end up with KEKROPS, the first king of Athens, which does tie in with the picture of the man and the serpent. There IS a way to actually get to the time when Kekrops reigned himself. The weeping angel statues around town send you back in time if you know where to find one (or are unlucky enough to run into one) and you make the mistake of blinking around them. It took a little more effort to specifically find one and get it to attack on purpose, but quite a few Athenians were indeed sent back.

After scouring Kekropia, a statue of Kekrops himself was found. It was there that Jostinian's tablet sent him into the following vision:

As you touch a mysterious tablet you feel your mind grow distant, as if sloughing off your mortal coil to fly freely across a limitless span of space and time. The world is a blur of golden shadows and twisting snakes of trails branching and snaking like the limbs of a great tree. A sharp buzzing fills your ears as you feel yourself suddenly tugged along what seems to be your destined path. With a roar of eons trying to fill a sudden void in reality, your journey stops and you find yourself an observer of three people in a small room.

One of the two men exclaims at a woman standing at a window, the first word thrown like a barb, dripping with sarcasm, "Mother! Look out at there? What more can you do?"

The woman, who looks far too young to be this man's mother, stares pensively out a bay of smudged windows on one end of the otherwise non-descript room. "You must have faith in them, Idan, they do not yet know what they do.""

The other man seemed content to stand in the corner and watch in amusement up until this point, leaning casually against the wall. At this latest statement, though, he folds his arms across his chest and snickers. "Sylvia, Sylvia, Syvlia. You have always given them too much credit. Haven't you learned by now?"

"Learned?" Sylvia turns angrily from the window. "Learned?!"

Idan says, "They will cast off their parents same as our children and our children's children. Why you still play matron to the lot of them I will never know. Time will decide their fates, and with theirs our own. It has always been the way and you cannot change it, timeless or not.""
ylvia shakes her head in disgust. "You and Cadmus can just sit back and watch if you like. One ticking off the days until the bitter end while the other does naught but seek to twist the world within his clutches again. Well I will not. Do you not see us in them? We came from those we fought at one point. Grudges and ill will directed at another generation are misplaced and only hurt ourselves."

Idan exclaims, "Look down there! That city is gone. The land is dead. Nothing will grow here again… all brought on by these -children- of yours. They slowly kill you, and you still rush to their aid time and time again. Well I tire of it!" With that he yanks the only door to the room open and ends his part of the conversation by exiting into the empty hallway beyond.

Sylvia turns angrily on Cadmus. "What are you sneering at?"

Cadmus grins, "Oh nothing… nothing at all." He walks over and gives Sylvia an insolent kiss on the cheek, the skin of which darkens with ire, then flashes her a wink as he glides out of the room after Idan.

Sylvia turns back to the window with a sigh, running a hand across the smooth glass. "I know you are watching. They can't see you, but I know you're there. It's too late to save them. This event, your future or past, it does not matter, it has happened across all timelines. But you must learn from this. You are doomed to repeat this circle of destruction otherwise."

She turns to look directly at you as you watch in stunned silence. "In shock I see. It's not surprising, really. You have heard the saying that history repeats itself? It's a favorite line of Idan's. Well, what many fail to realize is that the future can show those in the past events that are being duplicated. You are just as doomed to start the chain as they are to add a link."

Sylvia takes you by the hand, gently leading you to the window so that you can see the burnt out ruins beneath. What used to be tall buildings now stand in a dark sky like broken fangs, the debris still on fire adding toxic billows to the ravaged heavens. With a sweep of her arm you can suddenly see beyond the destruction to its cause. The darkness and evil writhes through the battlefield with tendrils like snakes, feeding off the misery and death.

She raises her hand to your forehead, the fingertips glowing with motes of gold. The scene begins to fade and you feel your consciousness yanked back out of the room, traveling those twisting paths through golden shadows again. Her voice calls after you, echoing through the vastness of time and space as you travel through the eons. "You may still prevent your own destruction, Jostinian. Rally your friends and even your enemies. Do not keep these visions secret, for the portal will soon open and force your hand whether you are prepared or not. I will be a guiding force, but you must all be my hands in this. For me to directly manipulate events would be disasterous."

A rush of buzzing noises drown out what else, if anything, Sylvia has to impart as you're yanked back into reality.

The tablet turned into globe which on July 21st, 2012 looked like this:

      .::::. `.   
     :::::::.  :
     ::::::::  : 
     `::::::' .'  

As of now, it seems we have to wait to discover what is significant about the moon stage and when the portal opens.

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