Abandoned Office

[Abandoned Office]
The dust on the floor of this office seems to indicate it has not been in use for quite a while. The windows have been blacked out and the only exit is heavily locked from the outside. A beeping noise coming from a box with a red light in the corner of the room seems to indicate that the electricity is still on. A large desk with an office chair behind it and two armchairs placed in front takes up the majority of the office space with a small black table sitting off in the corner.
Obvious paths: none.

Look window - You notice nothing unusual about the window.

Bow with a Red Light:
Look box - It seems to be a part of some security system or perhaps a back up power indicator.

Look desk - The large desk is made of mahogany with locked drawers and a worn green blotter on its top. Atop the blotter is a CRT monitor desktop computer taking up most of the space and a phone whose cord has been violently yanked from the wall, leaving its wires bare and broken.
Look on desk - On top of the large desk you see a yellow post-it, a lamp, a phone and a computer.

Look on table - On top of the black table you see a black pencil and some notes.

Look notes - (To view the notes go to http://i.imgur.com/udNYt.jpg)

Read post - Add to experiment log: Tickling seems to negate all other tests.

Look phone - The phone seems to have been yanked from the wall. The cord is frayed at the end.

Look computer - The computer is a desktop model with a large CRT monitor that takes up most of the space on the desk. The requisite mouse and keyboard all seem to be there and in good working order. (You can use your own computer as a tool to access things you may need for puzzles.)

Slip of Paper: (Something slips under the desk from under Jostinian's feet.)
Look paper - It reads: 1 = pull | 2 = push | 3 = twist | … | See Orb Map.

Key Information Gathered:
Notes : http://i.imgur.com/udNYt.jpg
Computer Print Out : http://pastebin.com/MGZ9WXGK

{OOC from Jostinian: where did you find that one}

{OOC from Leanna: Gotten from the paper. It mentions a pastebin to the upper right, says to update the experiments… then at the bottom, lists those numbers, with the word "experiment" erased and replaced with "Session"}

New Orb Sequence : 34669787
Solution - 2nd Orb Sequence

Other Information:
Decrypt tool: http://www.tools4noobs.com/online_tools/decrypt/

Blue Box, DW - Blue box of Dr Who?

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey - referenced from Dr Who episode Blink

Cheryl - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheryl_Fergison in two eps of Dr Who

Aldo’s reservation at 7pm on high street - http://www.aldositaly.com

Next Stop - UNIT HQ

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