Abby's Apple Eats Shop

[Abby's Apple Eats Shop]
Fresh straw covers the hardwood floors of this little shop, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Small lanterns hang on the walls softly illuminating the wonderful paintings of apple farms from long ago that decorate the walls. A large redwood counter sits next to the south wall, and behind it Abby Applegate busily dusts off her fine delicious red apples. Comfortably snug up in the corner of the shop sits an old antique rocking chair. You also see some swinging doors.

1   a caramel apple                                   Price 3         
2   a green tart apple                                Price 3         
3   a candy apple                                     Price 3         
4   a juicy red apple                                 Price 3         
5   an apple shake                                    Price 4         
6   an apple kebab                                    Price 8         
7   an apple dog                                      Price 7         
8   an apple-flavored lollipop                        Price 3         
9   some apple whiskey                                Price 12        
10  an apple turnover                                 Price 4         
11  a slice of apple pie                              Price 3         
12  some apple brandy                                 Price 9         
13  some apple cider                                  Price 4       

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