Acrobatics are mostly moves that allow you to Quickly Engage and Disengage your oppoents. The numbers next to the move, is the amount of Acrobatic Skill needed to automatically learn the move.

LEAP (10) Leap allows you to instantly engage an opponent. As your skill increases in Acrobatics, you will gain the ability to leap to the side or behind your opponent.
LEAP Left/Right/Behind Critter

TUMBLE (30) Tumble allows you to disengage from combat, by rolling out of combat into a different room.
TUMBLE Direction

BACKFLIP (50) Backflip allows for instant disengagment from combat, while staying in the same room.

LEAP SAVE (140) Leap Save allows you to push someone else out of combat while taking their place.
LEAP SAVE Person *WARNING: Leap Save forces the user into the kneeling position, and the person being saved into the lying down position*

CARTWHEEL (75) Cartwheel allows you to change which side of your opponent you are facing.
CARTWHEEL Left/Right Critter

HANDSTAND (?) Handstand is the Acrobatic attack. On a Sucessful hit, it knocks down, stuns and lightly damages your opponent.

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