Adler Home and Carpet

[Adler Home and Carpet, Carpets]
Piles and piles of lush carpets and fine rugs lie stacked in every possible open space. A faint sound of a spinning wheel comes from somewhere in the back of the warehouse, indicating that at least some of the goods are locally made. You also see a weaver.

#     Price Item
1.       75 a scarlet wool carpet
2.      223 a green mohair rug
3.       72 a blue wool rug
4.       75 an indigo wool carpet
5.       67 a grey wool rug
6.      260 a red mohair rug
7.       65 a brown linen rug

[Adler Home and Carpet, Carpets]
Piles of straw, hay and reeds cover the entire back half of the room, awaiting delivery to the economy-minded, or miserly, purchaser. You also see an apprentice weaver.
#     Price Item
1.       65 a thin hay carpet
2.       68 a worn reed mat
3.       66 a fresh hay carpet
4.       65 a thin straw carpet
5.       66 a tattered reed mat
6.       70 a woven reed mat
7.       66 a fresh straw carpet

[Adler Home and Carpet, Windows]
False walls are set up to display various types of windows, making it possible to see both the inside and outside easily. Frames, pieces of glass and completed windows are scattered about, making it just a bit dangerous to walk around unless you stick to the display area. You also see a plump salesman.
#     Price Item
1.      265 a simple pine-frame window
2.      280 a narrow stained glass window
3.      280 a multi-paned glass window
4.      285 a huge bay window
5.      280 a fancy picture window
6.      285 a fitted stained glass window
7.      270 a carved oak window

[Adler Home and Carpet, Windows]
Cast-offs and returns, salvage from old houses and showroom seconds are all placed in false walls here. Even an almost empty coin purse shouldn't be a deterrent in making a purchase here. You also see a seedy salesman.
#     Price Item
1.      265 a cracked pine framed window
2.      266 a warped oak window
3.      265 a cracked picture window
4.      265 a shattered stained glass window
5.      266 a broken oak frame window
6.      267 a scratched bay window
7.      265 a tiny mahogany window
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