Adrasteia's Outfitting

[Adrasteia's Outfitting]
The cluttered shop is stocked full of everything necessary for life in this tiny backwoods village. A thin layer of dust covers every visible surface, and possibly even those that aren't. A tall, aging woman attends the counter at the back of the room. A thick hide curtain covers the entrance to Adrasteia's living quarters. You also see Adrasteia.

1   a small sack                                      Price 3         
2   a large sack                                      Price 10        
3   a weapon harness                                  Price 30        
4   a wrist dagger sheath                             Price 6         
5   a stiff belt case                                 Price 5         
6   a weapon bandolier                                Price 28        

7   a shoulder quiver                                 Price 9         
8   a sarissa shoulder sheath                         Price 28        
9   a dart pouch                                      Price 15        
10  a feathered ceremonial mask                       Price 50        
11  a snarling puma mask                              Price 55        
12  a pair of hard leather cesti                      Price 20

Most items may be customized with a color, material or both.

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