Type ADRENAL to see how full your adrenal pool is.
Each move expends an amount from your pool, some moves may
continually drain this pool, until empty - such as RAGE.

If you are able to execute a skill, but it does not show up
in your FOCUS LIST, type ADRENAL and a hinting message is seen.

HEAL (25 sp) Focus Heal allows you to fully heal your self in 30 seconds, when your Health Bar reaches the red.

RAGE (55 sp) Focus Rage put the user into a beserk rage, allowing them to resist stuns, but causing RT

PURGE (60 sp) Focus Purge allows you to flush poisons out of your body. The more Adrenaline you have collected, the more powerful poisons you can flush.

MIGHT (90 sp)) Focus Might allows the used a boost of strength for a short amount of time.

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