Advancing In Rank In The Trust

When you feel you have freed enough souls to gain the next rank in the Trust, the process is simple to advance. The tasks for each advancement in rank, however, may not be so simple.

When you are prepared, speak with the priestess behind the door in the Trust. Once you have passed through the tunnel, she can be found east then south to the door. You may ASK her about ADVANCEMENT. If you are ready she will give you a task or quest. When you complete the task/quest you will gain a rank. There are 9 ranks so far in the Trust, as you can see in the Trust Verbs and Abilities section. Each rank will grant you a new ability, or improve on an ability you already have.

If you are not ready to advance, there is a board behind the door where the Priestess is. If you read it, it will tell you what undead would be good to hunt at your level. Or, you can check out the undead list in the Trust Undead Hunting Guide for more options. Hunting on or above level will gain you points faster. Hunting below level will gain you little to no honor in the eyes of Persephone.


  1. Kill lots of undead and keep track of your points with TRUST HELP UNDEAD.
  2. Head to Persephone's shrine and gain entrance to the Trust.
  3. Head east then south and GO DOOR.
  5. Follow her instructions. Good luck!

Rank by points:
Rank 1 = 100 points
Rank 2 = 500 points
Rank 3 = 1,000 points
Rank 4 = 2,000 points
Rank 5 = 3,000 points
Rank 6 = 4,000 points
Rank 7 = 5,000 points
Rank 8 = 6,000 points
Rank 9 = 7,000 points

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