Aelwyn's Alchemy Supplies

[Aelwyn's Alchemy Supplies]
Fired clay pots and slender decanters line the shelves surrounding this small alchemy shop. Windows covered with metal grills positioned near the ceiling of the room create a cross draft that keeps the atmosphere in the salesroom reasonably clear. However, there is still a faint scent of sulfur and charcoal lingering in the air. You also see a burnt and blistered door.

1. a honey comb                     (5 dinars)         
2. a bag of quartz dust             (20 dinars)        
3. a jar of deep purple wine        (3 dinars)         
4. a sooty scroll                   (22 dinars) Instructions for black-colored ink.
5. a splotched scroll               (19 dinars) Instructions for pure tannin extract.
6. a translucent onionskin scroll   (20 dinars) The formula for the Cloak of Iris.
7. a honey-colored parchment scroll (30 dinars) The formula for the vial of swarm summoning.
8. a dark green papyrus scroll      (22 dinars) The formula for the vial of vine summoning.
9. a wine red parchment scroll      (7 dinars)  The formula for wine vinegar.
1. a vial of cold blood             (20 dinars) 
2. a bottle of olive oil            (5 dinars)
3. a bottle of cool water           (2 dinars)
4. a mandrake root                  (10 dinars)
5. a slip of yellowed paper         (20 dinars) 
6. a blood-streaked scroll          (72 dinars) Ancestor Spirits Brew
7. a streaked magenta-edged scroll  (78 dinars) Warlord Spirits Brew
8. a streaked silver-edged scroll   (84 dinars) Air Spirits Brew


1. an earth-kin steel gladius       (12600 dinars)
2. an iron flame-kin longsword      (675 dinars)

The gladius may be altered with a color.
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