Agati Furniture Imports

[Agati Furniture Imports]
This small shop is cluttered with a wide variety of furnishings and decorations from all over the known world. From the distant lands of Eire, Carthage and Nippon to nearby Greece, several cultures have been unified under this roof by interior design. The merchant, Agati, is just as eclectic as his wares. The manner of his dress is hard to pinpoint but it lies somewhere between conservative Spartan and the wildness of Norse furs. You also see Agati.

#     Price Item
1.      245 a sturdy mahogany trestle table
2.      165 a sturdy mahogany sugan stool (set of 4)
3.      195 an octoganal woven bamboo window
4.      145 a large water buffalo head on a plaque
5.      115 a feathered tribal shield with two crossed spears
6.       95 a grotesque white and black noh mask
7.      185 a bright gold hand of Zeus chair (set of 4)
8.      245 a miniature wooden sarcophagus covered in gold leaf
9.      225 a deer antler weapon rack
10.     280 a leaning wooden mannequin
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