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New to the environs of Athens, Ahti has did not specifically designate what type of Sidhe he was originally, though he has a distinct affinity with the ocean, says women are capable of summoning him if he has the time and they know how, and that females of his own kind are often kept as practically slaves if they are caught by mortal men. Because of this, he has admitted that he does not shy from sinking ships in his anger. He has also clearly stated that his kind do not eat mortals, which is relatively unusual in the Sidhe we've met, and that they can actually pick which side they personally align with. Though Ahti has chosen the Unseelie side, it was not a choice forced upon him. It has been revealed that he is in fact a Selkie, searching after another selkie named Ailana who has had her pelt stolen and is stuck on land. He has vowed to help her now that he has finally located her.

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  • The name "Ahti" is associated in Scandinavian mythology with the god of the sea. This fits with the Fae sometimes admitting they have been mistaken as gods before, though Ahti does not particularly fit with the rest of the myths. It is possibly just a name he chose for himself due to the sea association… he has not clarified if he is from that area or not.
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