Aisthetikos Clothiers Showroom

[Aisthetikos Clothiers, Showroom]
Near the ceiling of the whitewashed walls is a beautiful border design of blue, gold and grey squares. Clothing of the latest fashion is draped gracefully on carved wooden statues, demonstrating the clean lines and flow of the fine fabrics. From behind a painted fabric screen comes the soft musical sound of a phorminx accompanying the poetry of Sappho. You also see Hieronymos the clothier.

1   a sash                                           Price 1
2   a draped dress                                   Price 12
3   a dress                                          Price 10
4   a pair of pants                                  Price 10
5   a pair of trousers                               Price 6
6   a long-sleeved shirt                             Price 7
7   a scarf                                          Price 1
8   a robe                                           Price 8

9   a draped cloak                                   Price 15
10  a long zoma                                      Price 10
11  a zoma                                           Price 6

Several items in this merchant may be customized with matieral, color or both.
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