The Warlord's Clerk

"Problems? See the little sign. PUSH means you make the door go away from you. Try turning the knob. The bit sticking out, looks like a ball? You like to play with those right? Just give it a wee turn, you can do it!"
— Albrecht's instructions to the Athenians on How To Use a Door.

If one wanted to know the meaning of the word 'efficient', they need only look to Albrecht. A tiny bald man with apparent nervous tendencies, Albrecht spends most of his time in the Warlord's Office in the old Magistrate's offices in Piraeus. A surly fellow, he is not inclined to chit chat with the Athenians often, though he can occasionally be persuaded. It is unclear how loyal to Drakontas he really is as he never says one way or another about it, instead merely focusing on the work he has been given. Albrecht is the man to handle the mundane details of running an occupied town's army, such as making sure the men have the right number of underclothes.

Did you Know?

  • Albrecht enjoys hot coffee and cooked duck, and has been known to be a bit more amiable when dinner is brought to him. He also likes blueberries.
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