Alchemist Class Guide

If you've ever felt the impulse to blow yourself up, slip up and poison yourself, or just in general have masochistic tendencies, alchemy may be for you. One thing is for certain: the clumsy should be encouraged to apply for maximum hilarity.

Despite the previous statement, Alchemy has all of the tools needed to succeed, and a few extra, while consisting of extended periods of time sitting around and mixing potions. So it's not hard to see why it might attract a self-harming following.

Any budding alchemist would do well to STUDY formulas appropriate for their CIRCLE (most scrolls will tell you this when you READ them), until they successfully learn by osmosis what other professions learn in one try, consuming the scroll in the process.

Pure alchemists should seek to either outlay quite a few dinars on a pure alchemical weapon from the back room of one of Athens' numerous alchemy stores (allowing you to use your highest alchemy skill to swing the weapon in combat), a bronze warhand, or a tiny wand. Those paying attention will notice that all but the wand cost a significant amount of dinars, and the warhand and wand take an extended amount of time and study to begin using.

As a result, it can take a few dinars and some patience to get going. It is perhaps for this reason that this is not the best first profession for absolute beginners unless they have the backing of another player.

Since alchemists draw a very large number of their supplies from FORAGING, wood lore can be considered a very important supporting skill to this class. As per the problem of getting going, if an alchemist is considering dabbling in magic or combat skills, it may be prudent to use those to bank roll their alchemy fund. Currently, wands are a little disappointing in performance, are not rechargeable, and do not scale. :(

Alchemical Formulas fall into one of three categories:

Alchemical Catalyst (Healing Potions, damage poisons and explosives)
Alchemical Alterations (Combat potions, utility poisons and cures)
Alchemical Conjurations (Summons — Bees and Vines and damage-absorbing Scarabs super-effective at maiming alchemists who maintain them)

Formulas for these may be found at any good alchemy store. As well as obscure supplies for formulas that require them.

Once an alchemist is into their FIFTH circle of training, they would be highly advised to seek out a crazy hermit to learn how to mix more than one potion at a time. An excellent clue to the hermit's location may be found at the alchemy store in the SOUTHEAST QUADRANT of ATHENS. See the BATCH verb for further info.

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