Alexia's Alchemical Alcove

[Alexia's Alchemical Alcove]
The windowless shop is dark, the only light from a flickering lantern that casts eerie shadows on the walls. Shelves and cabinets line the walls, stocked with the tools of the alchemist's trade. Bottles, empty and filled with oils, pouches of herbs, mortars and pestles are ready for the alchemist to turn into things more precious. A wizened old woman straightens stacks of paper and polishes crystals displayed on a counter, staring suspiciously at the customers she is here to serve.


1. a wrinkled scroll    (10 dinars)      Greater healing elixir.
2. a worn scroll        (6 dinars)       Eyebright and sunflower poultice.
3. an ordinary scroll   (12 dinars)      Draught of sun-infused water.
4. a tattered scroll    (65 dinars)      Elixir of Hades.
5. a musty scroll       (26 dinars)      Elixir of Hermes.
6. a creased scroll     (30 dinars)      Elixir of Nike.
7. a parchment scroll   (33 dinars)      Elixir of Athena.
8. a shimmering scroll  (53 dinars)      Elixir of Ares.
9. a splotchy scroll    (29 dinars)      Carrot-chickory poultice.

1. a grimy scroll               (12 dinars) Bottled smoke of Obfuscates.
2. a bag of quartz dust         (21 dinars) 
3. a jar of deep purple wine    (6 dinars)
4. a bottle of olive oil        (5 dinars)
5. a bottle of cool water       (2 dinars)
6. a mandrake root              (9 dinars) 
7. a gold-edged purple scroll   (24 dinars) The Beauty Tonic of Dionysus.      

1.  an earth-kin steel rapier    (9000 dinars)      
2.  an earth-kin silver gladius  (126 dinars)

The backroom items may be customized with a color.

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