All That Glitters Show Room

[All That Glitters, Show Room]
Although windowless, this small shop is full of light. Lanterns cast their gentle glow over a veritable mine of silver, gold and bronze. The precious metals reflect the light tenfold, dazzling the eye even as the sun does. A young centaur, her auburn hair gleaming in the same light, polishes a fine sandalwood counter and the large display cases at either end.

1   an elegant bracelet                               Price 10        
2   a jeweled tiara                                   Price 433       
3   an engagement ring                                Price 15        
4   an owl pendant                                    Price 12        
5   a friendship ring                                 Price 20        
6   a wedding band                                    Price 20  


Nearly all items may be customized with a material.

Second Room:
1   a silver piercing needle                          Price 50        
2   a bone piercing needle                            Price 25        
3   a bottle of needle cleanser                       Price 20      

4   a gilded piercing needle                          Price 75
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