Please note that many of these alterers are no longer around, and if you see one that isn't on the list, add them!

Clayborne - An alterer and a merchant who considers himself the epitome of fashion. He also owns the ‘Clayborne's Cute n'Cuddly n' Sickeningly Sweet Shop’ that shows up around Easter.
Alters: Clothing

Crystala - An Alterer, She refuses to make anything scuffed or torn. Her word is FINAL. Her sister is Kleftis.
Alters: Jewelry and Clothing

Cyrano - An alterer and merchant. He has sold fondue pots and he alters chocolate blocks into various creations.
Alters: Chocolate blocks

Dionysus - No. This isn't a mistake. This god has altered before, calling them "Divine Altarations". Be careful when he offers, however, for he is far too fond of flying hyenas, googly eyes, and felt feet.
Alters: Everything

Dustey - His full name is Dustey Strings. As his name hints at,he alters instruments.
Alters: Instruments

Ezmerelda - An Alterer and a costume merchant. Ezmerelda is an enchantress. Not only does she alter items, she alters people too, by turning them into frogs. Don’t get on her bad side.
Alters: Clothing, Jewelry,

Fedmire - an alterer and a merchant. Fedmire once spent several weeks in the infamous Peiraic gate well. After being rescued by Autolycus, he went on to get in more trouble by stealing a rose from the garden of the gods, that happened to have an evil god trapped inside of it. Fedmire’s tent can still be found on the way to Anavyssos.

Festivia -A very cheerful and flirtatious alterer. She's a bit flighty, but very nice.
Alters: Jewelry, Clothing

Freesia - A horticulturist, she works with plants, making them into jewelry and other things.
Alters: Plants and Flowers.

Ironheart - an alterer and a merchant, He makes silver weapons and gives discounts to Centaurs.
Alters: Weapons and Armor

Ispan - An tattoo artist she is the mistress of the flying tent. Ispan does tattoos for those who can find her, or she may find them.
Alters: The Athenians (tattoos)

Kedar - Son of Perizada, He holds very few of his mother's sterling qualities. He's impatient and grumpy, but does good work.
Alters: Jewelry

Kleftis - An alterer and a merchant, She is almost the exact opposite of Crystala, and often chooses who will get alterations by spinning a bottle. She also has an earring tent that she opens occasionally.
Alters: Jewelry

Kostoumi - A Hallow's Eve alterer who specializes in costume pieces and is usually in costume herself.
Alters: Costume Clothing

Kyriostau - An alterer, He’s only altered by tickets so far. He’s VERY high strung, and will most likely kill you if you insult him.
Alters: Gold Items

Mathaino - One of the dragons, Mathaino does cheap alterations in order to pay for his love of reading. Simply tell him a symbol you like, and a few colors, and you'll end up with owning a ring with a perk.
Alters: Rings which produce personalized fireworks.

Needila - Though Needila may be up in her years, it hasn't effected her ability to produce wonderful items.
Alters: Clothes and Containers

Normius - He sells chairs, armoires, weapon racks, armor racks, and closets among other things. He occasionally opens shops in estate areas to alter furniture for homes.
Alters: Furniture for Premium Homes

Paranthesis - He alters cards, allowing us to write sweet messages to give to loved ones.
Alters: cards

Perizada - An alterer and a merchant, known for her scarves and bouquets of balloons. She often introduces new alterers to Athens. Kedar is her son.
Alters: Clothing and occasionally Jewelry.

Poet - She tends to be a special alterer, in which you have to do a certain something before she’ll alter for you.
Alters: Containers

Retla - A member of Psarigida's crew, Retla uses the skills she possesses from mending clothing and fixing sails to alter things as well.
Alters: clothing

Rio - An alterer who reinforces Armor, which lessons the damage taken.
Alters: Armor (Reinforces it with Braces)

Suede - She is a piercer.
Alters: Athenians (Piercing)

Sypresse - She works with wood carvings, painting them and carving words on them.
Alters: Wooden Carvings

Timalcus - Previously a warrior working for Discord or Ares (it seemed to depend on what mood he was in), Timalcus went to work as a farmer for a brief while, but it didn't work out. Now he's back to alter weapons and armor, figuring he knows enough about them from his past experiences.
Alters: Weapons, Armor

Tremor - An alterer and a merchant. Tremor and Quake (his assistant) have a wagon with silver armor and a few other nice silver items.
Alters: Weapons and Armor

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