"All the toil of men do they [Amazons] endure; and therefore evermore the spirit of the War-god thrills them through. They fall not short of men in anything: their labour-hardened frames make great their hearts for all achievement: never faint their knees nor tremble. Rumour speaks their queen to be a daughter of [Ares] the mighty Lord of War." - Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 1.618

There are currently two tribes of Amazons of note, though there is a village that hosts a tribe we don't actually have any contact with in a hidden place near Delphi.

Firstly, there are the Tashen Samonza tribe. This is a player run tribe, with Tkeeri as the Queen, and Kalipso as Princess and they follow Athena, Artemis, and Ares, pretty much in that order of significance. Ares is not very recognized in it, but they do acknowledge that he's basically the founder of Amazons in general. Their home village can be located in a forest near Thebes.

The second tribe has not revealed their name, but are called the "Daughters of Ares" or the "Chosen of Ares". They are led by Queen Korimachi, with her dual second-in-commands Kataigaida and Yanamai. They are currently at war with Athens due to the orders of Ares. Ares is the highest in their worship order, but they also recognize his personal retenue of Discord and the other aspects of war. They do hold high regard for both Artemis and Athena as female goddesses that demonstrate the power of women. They apparently reside in village near Piraeus, though it is unsure where at this point.

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