[Anavyssos Village]
Small huts with curtain-covered doorways and thatched roofs line the slightly dusty street. The plain lives of the simple farmfolk of this village seem quite different than the hustle and bustle of the city. Tiny vegetable gardens seem to be planted wherever room can be found for them.

Anavyssos is a suburb of Athens that lies just southeast of Piraeus. The settlement does date back to ancient Greece, but there is little information about the village during this time except for a cemetary where they found a statue now called the Anavyssos Kouros. A verse carved on its base reads, "Stand and grieve at the tomb of Kroisos the dead, in the front line slain by the wild Ares."

Our Anavyssos is a centaur village, the only one known to the world of AoH at this time. Several themed shops comprise the village, known best, perhaps, for its apple lollipops.


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